Custom orthotics and inserts that are custom built for YOUR foot and only YOUR foot. A foam mold creates a personalized devise that supports your foot in neutral position to alleviate foot conditions such as:  fasciitis, neuromas, flat feet, metatarsalgia heel and Achilles strain, to name a few issues associated with faulty foot mechanics.


Dr Lapeña is a certified fitter of Medical Compression Socks and Stockings. Whether you are flying on a plane, standing on your feet for hours, walking or sitting for long periods of time, performing as an athlete, pregnant or suffer from varicose veins, medical compression socks are recommended for you.

Medical Compression Socks come in a variety of colors and styles and help promote leg health and provide relief from a range of common symptoms including tired aching legs plus swollen feet and ankles. Dr Lapeña will custom fit the socks to achieve maximum affect.

Most extended insurance companies cover medical compression socks. Ask Dr Lapeña how you can benefit.


Supplements can be useful to promote healing in instances such as recovery from car crash injuries, healing heart and immune system diseases, promoting weight loss, preventing symptoms of aging as well  as supporting disease preventative lifestyles.

Dr Lapeña dispenses Pro Line supplements that far exceed Canada Health and Welfare standards. Common supplements Dr Lapeña recommends to promote optimum health are Vitamin D3, Glucosamine formula, magnesium biglycinate, chelated calcium .

With many years of nutritional knowledge and clinical experience, Dr Lapeña will customize a strategy to meet your individual supplement needs.