What causes your joint pain?

A subluxation is a misalignment of two adjoining vertebrae that interfere with the normal travel of nerve energy to the respective organ. A consequent of a subluxation can include muscle spasms, pain, numbness, pins and needles, numbness, altered organ function, restricted motion, degeneration, inflammation and loss of wellness. Click here to view the Spinal Misalignment Symptom Chart.


Once a spinal or extremity subluxation is detected then what?

Chiropractors are taught to adjust the spine and extremities. Dr Lapeña uses a variety of proven techniques and methods of adjusting suited to the patient’s needs and tolerances. These techniques include specific full spine manual thrusts, drop table (Thompson Terminal Diversified) and instrument aided adjustments (Activator).

Dr Lapeña uses a variety of soft tissue therapies including rolling, trigger point therapy and active/passive muscle release.

What to expect after an adjustment

Just as you can not run a marathon with one training run, many chronic conditions require a set of adjustments for the body to realign and heal. Everyone heals at different rates and ways. You deserve to be free of pain and poor health. Chiropractic can help you achieve your health and lifestyle goals and it is drug free. Call today and begin your journey to optimal health.

Relief care and wellness care

Once you are in the “know” concerning your health or lack of health, Dr Lapeña offers a range of care options. Of course most patient who consult a chiropractor complain of pain. Relief of their pain is paramount. Once pain is diminished or absent, chiropractic is an excellent way to maintain a pain free and optimal healthy lifestyle.

Dr Lapeña defines wellness care as that type of treatment that prevents future aggravations of your condition. Many patients at Roper Avenue Chiropractic choose Wellness Care long after their initial pain is no longer an issue.